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Some of you know that I was cop in one of the worst neighborhoods in all of America. Served for more than two decades. Went on to investigate organized crime and led an anti-human trafficking task force. I've seen a lot. Now, I am in risk management for a Fortune 50 healthcare company. I've learned many things throughout my career, just by being forced to make observations all of the time. Two things I have come to learn are important and relative right now as we face this global pandemic.

1. The human body is more durable and resilient than you could possibly imagine. It can nearly always take more than one thinks and it can often (not always) recover, without intervention, on its own.

2. The human mind is very delicate in that exposure to certain conditions, sometimes only lasting moments, can cause enduring mental health issues. Mental health issues can also be reversed without intervention sometimes but generally require a deliberate action by the individual. The brain ( mental health) does not share the same resiliency as the human body generally benefits from.

I don't care how tough you are, everyone is susceptible to developing mental health issues through environmental influences. So, we sit at home during this pandemic. Might as well give the happiness course a shot. It is free. I am told it is fun to do as a family. I am willing to bet that it couldn't hurt.

Though I am a Harvard man, Yale has this course for free. https://www.coursera.org/learn/the-science-of-well-being

You can google it first if you do not trust the link. I am not really a Harvard man for the record!
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