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I have a 12 inch crescent wrench and it does all my axle bolts.

So today at 2045 miles I figured it was about time to actually adjust my chain instead of just oil it (my trip B is reset and I usually go 300 or so miles on it and then do the chain).

I put the stand under the swing arm after loosing the axle bolt ( I don't like to pull hard on anything while bike is up in the air).

I moved the chain up and down and it measured a little over 1-3/8ths but well under the 1-15/16 max. Then I rotated the wheel and it was tighter but over the 1 inch minimum. I tried to check why and think the sprocket is not perfectly true. I need to setup a dial indicator and get a better reading rather than holding a straight edge to the teeth and rotating the wheel to find that some teeth rub the straight edge and some don't indicating out of round. Not precise method but I defer to another day.

Point is , when you look at your chain adjustment do the up and down slack test at the tightest point of the chain or you could be too tight which is worse than too loose.

so basically at 2045 miles, my chain still did not need adjusting.
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