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@ Explorecaves.. I saw in another posting that you bought MORIMOTO MODPOD LED lights on your bike and I would be very interested how you made out with the install
I actually installed the 5STOP Brake light from morimoto along with a back off flasher module. I bolted the brake light to the license plate bracket. Added some extensions so it actually sits just below the license plate as an auxiliary brake light. I have it wired to flash 5 times then stay on.

I am still looking into the modpods but need to get some engine guards first to provide some additional mounting locations. Unfortunately, right now all my spare coin is going back into our house so my farkles are on hold for likely another year or so.

Let me know if you ever decide to tackle the shad 23 install. I'll provide whatever help I can.
Probably be a good idea to make a how to thread on the process since a lot of people seem to be interested in it. You can then put a link to it in your signature.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts