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The bike will do it and will do it quietly.
It is a beautiful and smooth ride. The bike thinks it is bigger than it really is. Very stable, but a nimble handling ride.
It is very quiet. I have the faired model and it is as quiet as any when it comes to wind handling.
The muffler is quite good. I am way past the days of "Rolling Thunder"
For handling speed it really is a champ.
With my wife on we can do 60-65 mph all day long. And that is a very comfortable speed for me. It will hit 75 for us when passing.
I have had it over 75 on the highway riding solo.
But again, I find 65 my cup-o-tea.
and it also seems to get 60-64 mpg no matter what speed i maintain.

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I was riding 40 miles a day back and forth to work in 2019. Not riding much since i'm working from home now (Company requirements because of Covid-19)
I generally went the speed of traffic flow which was 70 most of the time.
I didn't feel like 70 was putting any stress on the bike.
Fastest I have gone is 92 to escape a driver who was pulling into my lane and another car coming fast behind me. So the only way to escape was going forward.
Wow, that baby downshifted and got me out of getting sandwiched between concrete road side protectors and the car.
I looked down and I was going 92. I hope I don't have too many of those close calls.
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