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Preparing for your motorcycle camping trip

How to pack your bags

Tips for packing lighter

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I've thought about taking a camping trip with Serenity quite a few times, but it never comes up that I'm taking a solo camping trip (when I'm with the wife, we drive, and packing isn't an issue). So although I've planned a trip or two, I've never pulled the trigger and bought the solo gear. But I have the gear on my Amazon and Revzilla wish lists, ever-ready for the day...

My biggest concern is a tent that packs small, and I'm vacillating between a cot and a pad to sleep on.
I personally like to stay away from the floor plus my back does not like to bend too much, so the cot sounds like a better option to me.
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You have a nice setup alredy. Any tips to share?
Advice: Don't ride and camp in bad weather. If you're on a long trip, it can't be avoided but for one or two days wait for good warm weather. Over time you'll cut down to just what you need. You'll enjoy the ride more than the camping.
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I am getting my toys out of hibernation and wishing to go out on a camping trip soon...

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GeeHaw here. New to the forum. Took a weekend trip to Oklahoma - 300 miles one way. Thursday to Sunday. Camped with
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a hammock set up and was pleasantly surprised and I would recommend it. No back pain then next morning which is what I experienced the last time I went tent camping. Wound up harboring indoors (both me and Ash) when severe storms were expected overnight, but overall the trip was really good!


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Sorry about the pics - still learning how to navigate the forum.
I like your setup, simple and comfortable.
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BONUS is it doesn't take up that much room! ;)
I always stow packable Frogg Togg over boots and Frogg Togg rain gear.
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