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These Rebel 1100 floorboards, are adjustable. They look like a direct fit for the CTX. I ordered a set.

I am hoping my quest for a better floorboard option for the CTX700 and/or CTX1300 will be realized with this option.

First, it's T-Rex Racing. By far, one of the best companies I have delt with for CTX accessories. I needed a missing part for my CTX Frame Sliders (I got from classifieds). T-Rex stepped up to the plate and sent me the part basically for free. I doubt the $10 charge even covered their shipping, let alone their processing costs.

For the floorboards, I checked these drawings. These attachment points look VERY similar.

If it works, I'll update this thread

Look at the Rebel part number 10, and the CTX part number 6 in the attached drawings. I am very confident I can figure this out.

2015 CTX700ND
Font Slope Map Auto part Parallel

2021 Rebel II00

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I think these might work as long as you only use the parts circled in yellow.

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design Hood

The area around the red circle needs to be fully adjustable.

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The install went fine. The right side went on "as is", meaning I didn't need to modify anything.

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Instead of three mounting options you'd normally have for the piece I'll call the "bracket adapter", you only have two, because the center option does not work on the CTX.

Motor vehicle White Automotive tire Black Automotive design

Photograph Automotive tire Light Product Motor vehicle

As you can see, I put the supplied, thick washer inside the bracket rather than outside as it helps stabilize the bracket.

I went with option 2.

This is with the "pedal bracket" attached to the bracket adapter in the option 2 position.
White Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tire Automotive design

The left side required a small modification of the bracket adapter. I apologize for the terrible hack job I did on the left bracket adapter. I have since got a new bench vice and bench grinder. Next time I would use the bench vice and a Dremel to get a more precision result. I am hoping T-Rex Racing will produce an adapter and offer this as an option to the CTX.

Basically, you need to remove about 1/4 inch from the middle, inside of the bracket adapter. This is so it will clear the "lip" on the CTX pedal attachment point and allow the bracket adapter to be installed parallel with the bike. If you grind out about 1/4" by about 1" from the middle of the adapter, it will be able to sit flush with the angle of the bike.

Automotive tire Bicycle part Wheel Rim Crankset

Then just finish the install and adjustments the same as the right side.

Tire Wheel Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive lighting

Please proceed at your own risk. It's an easy install but even T-Rex recommends a certified mechanic install these due to specific torque requirements. As I said, I am hoping T-Rex will develop a bracket specifically for the CTX. Don't hold your breath though because the CTX is discontinued.

That being said, there are a lot of them out there and this type of floorboard is VERY hard to find. The options are very few for quality floorboards for cruisers. It seems like floorboards are one of the most popular accessory item cruisers are looking for. :)



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Thank you for the write up! I can鈥檛 wait to read the rest of it! These look to be a solid option. Does it move the floorboard further back?
Yes, "Option 2" moves the assembly back and slightly higher. That's the option I used.
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