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T-Rex Center Stand

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So the T-Rex center stand came in today. https://www.t-rex-racing.com/2014-2018-Honda-CTX700-CTX700N-Center-Stand-p/n46-14cs.htm Ordered overnight on Thursday, came in Tuesday solid. Stand was well packaged in heavy paper and then completely wrapped in foam. The stand seems quite well built and heavy duty. The powder coat finish is even appears sturdy. Got it all unpacked and set up to install.

Had one hiccup with the installation as I broke the M6 bolt that secured the stopper assembly causing me a trip to Tractor supply for a new one, luckily I have one about 2 miles away there was enough of the bolt sticking through the other side of the bracket on the bike that I was able to spin it out with pliers even if a quarter turn at a time. Once that was sorted the install was very easy and straightforward basically like the video except for that blasted spring. Oh what a bear. Fought that thing for at least 20 minutes in the 95 degree heat then all at once I got the stars aligned and it popped right on. I have never had good luck with springs. The whole thing took about 30-35 minutes with the bulk of that messing with the spring.

Once complete and cleaned up I tested it out. Haven't had a center stand on a bike since the 90's so kinda rusty on the technique but it went up on the stand easy. Just stood on the foot and pulled up on the passenger grab bar and it went right up nice and smooth. Was going to set something up to measure how far the tire is off the ground but I'm fairly confident in my estimate of 3/4 inch. My suspension is bone stock, no mods whatsoever. It is very sturdy on the stand I got fairly aggressive with it pushing it back and forth to test the stability and I'm happy to report it is very stable on the stand I'm comfortable with it. I'm really anal about chain maintenance so this will be a very nice addition even with my auto chain oiler. All in all I'm pleased with the purchase. Let me know if you have any questions be happy to help.


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Thanks for the excellent review and pics!! I have one on order now. That video of the spring installation did look too good to be true. Looks good though.

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I took the soft rubber one off and just went with the one that was the stand itself it makes the stand hike up about 3/4 of an inch higher for greater clearance. There is still plenty of room for the chain.
I haven't installed mine yet, but in preparation, I notice there is an additional round 5/8 inch-thick spacer bolted onto the stand where it mates to the rubber bumper on the bracket. The spacer is shown in the still, magnified-view shots on the sales page, but it is not there in the video. Is this designed to give more chain clearance? I'm tempted to remove it before installation to make it look like the video, but it makes me skeptical it was added for some good reason. It does look like the spacer will make the stand be not parallel to the bottom of the bike. (as was mentioned in post #19) What say you completed installers?:confused:
I finally got mine installed. Not an easy task for a 78 year old.;)
Didn't use any washers...no room on the right side. The whole unit was a tight fit but I finally got the bolts on and tight. Then came the spring install.......I finally gave up in frustration and had to call my 35 year old step-son to come help me. There is not as much space between the boss and the frame of the stand compared to the video. It took both of us about 45 minutes of cursing and prayer before we finally got it to snap on.:eek: It's on and it works but a lot more difficult than that slick video portrays.:)
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can someone put a good source and part number for the center stand for 2017 ctx700dct . ?
See post # 1 of this thread.
I haven't ordered one yet, but on the installation video I only see one spring, on the left side only?
There are actually two springs. A smaller one is inside the larger one.
I am glad it has helped you with this spring install challenge, and hopefully it will help others too.;)
This is a great spring installation tip. Just be sure the bike is secured so it doesn't roll backward while stretching the spring.;)
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