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Sratches, after just 3 days

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Really love my new bike - really mad at my co-worker.

I only had the bike 3 days before guy at work jumped on my bike, without asking, and started with some sensually massaging. Had just enough dust on the bike to end up with fine scratches all over the tank. I was wondering if the Honda pro spray cleaner and polish would help to remove some of the fine scratches? Thank you.
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This makes me laugh. I heard a similar remark coming from a fellow here in town who referred to my bike as a scooter and proceeded to point out what a POS it was. He's a big Harley fan of course. Not being one to run away from comments like that, I of course had to call his bike a "pig" and then let his wife ride mine when I noticed she was looking it over. The funny part is his wife loved the CTX and she bought one several months later. Guess who rides it all the time? Yep. You guessed it.
I dunno...I've never felt the need to criticize someone's ride. You ride what you like and anyone that has to put down your bike MUST HAVE self-esteem issues!
Who cares if your bike is faster than mine?!?! I don't. If you want to go fast and you want to be my friend, then you'll know you're going to have to stop up ahead and wait for me to get there! ;)

The Veteran's group I ride with sometimes get's some new riders with older bikes. I always try to point out the good qualities of the bikes and never make them feel like they're not good enough.

The only thing I tend to do is sway potential riders away from spending more than $1000 on a used 250cc as I know they'll want bigger sooner and then get stuck with trying to off-load their 250cc.
Washed bike last night and decided to try the Honda spray cleaner/polish, followed up with Meguiar's carnauba paste wax. Used a little extra elbow grease, but scratches are nearly impossible to see now.
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My tank has some scratches from the pads on my rukka glove palms, it's bound to happen, particularly if you ride lots.
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