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Here is my baby currently outfitted for commuting. I removed the hard Mutazu cargo box for that Corbin seat install in October.

The tank bag is Kuryakyn MotoCentric Moto 19. It has a long and thin configuration that works well on our tank. Unsnap clip and lift up bag to access fuel tank. It has a pocket up front containing a hidden rain liner.

The tail bag is a Fieldline Motorcycle all weather backpack from Walmart for only $34.97. It is waterproof, and patterned after a standard backpack they sell, with a special pocket for fitting over motorcycle sissybar backrests. This is a newer version, and the material is all rubberized and truly waterproof. It even has an internal folding closure. It has other pockets in it, but I like it because I can secure it through the internal back rest pocket that unzipps. Strap it down and it's secure but easily removable. I have a bag I carry important stuff in, and simply put that hand bag INSIDE the backpack and seal it.

I used this bag on my old VTX1800C, and went through two of them because the previous design used a waterproof cloth that was too thin and wind would tear it after a couple months on the back of the bike. This new verision ROCKS! It's available in the motorcycle section of participating Walmart stores, and on line. I am VERY IMPRESSED with the workmanship.
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