So heres a Speedometer for sale with some quirks to it. I bought a new speedometer (this one) because it was looking a little worse for wear and there is some small damage portion on the front left corner. The part was just old (2014 model, so 8 years) but there was nothing wrong with the part.

When I plugged in the new speedo I assumed it would read the mileage from the bike and would generate the original mileage BUT IT DIDNT! I learned something new today, so instead of using the new speedo with 0 miles on it, I changed out the electronics inside and boom, I have a new looking case and my original part.

So now I have a box thats a little worn but the electronics inside of the speedometer is new and will read with 0 miles.

I have no use for two speedos so here it is, maybe someones speedo out there is off or something is burnt out with your screen or you just want 0 miles on your bike! Maybe you damaged your speedo? Who knows... but here it is for sale.

The price is with SHIPPING INCLUDED IF YOU ARE IN CONUS. IF you are in NYC, Ill knock off $20 bucks for the shipping.