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Hey CTXers, just wanted to provide you with this information (I know this will reduce my chances of winning, but what the heck) :)

Revzilla is having a contest (it actually began on Black Friday), but it resumes on Cyber Monday. The contest is called "Lazy Rider". Basically all you do is upload a photo of you and your bike and every hour, they choose a photo and display it on their website and you have 1 hour to respond to them in an email. The hourly prize is $250 in Revzilla cash. If the person who's pic is displayed doesn't email them within an hour, the previous winner gets the cash. I saw two people win $750 on Black Friday b/c the previous contestants didn't claim their prize.

Just thought I'd share that information with you guys, sorry I'm a day late. :)

Good Luck!
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