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2014 CTX 700 DCT
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Rode 280 miles today on the interstate going around 80 mph.
Rode in D mode the whole way.
Tall windshield, rear top box and my 250 pounds.
I'm due for the 8000 mile inspection.
Any thoughts?
If all of the 280 miles was on a relatively flat interstate road without high winds, I would think you should be getting more than 52 mpg. My thoughts on some possible causes (in no particular order):
  • Dirty air filter
  • Speed
  • High ethanol content in gas
  • Low tire pressure
  • High rolling resistance tires
  • Weight
  • High wind resistance
  • Valves out of adjustment
  • Spark plugs fouled or not proper gap
  • Faulty fuel injectors
  • Brakes rubbing
  • Altitude?
Could just be a combination of speed, high wind resistance, and weight, but you should have your valves checked during your 8k inspection. You might also want to consider replacing your air filter, but that is a little more disassembly required on a faired DCT and shouldn't really be required until 16k (unless you drive in dusty areas).

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Thanks for the response, JamminJames. That C3 Pro fits my head.

I used Drive Mode quite a bit when I first got the bike. I figured that rapid upshifting had to be good for mileage. Now in the Black Hills for the past month, I am able to ride the twisties and push the bike harder (and have more fun); Sport Mode all the time. The mileage is about the same. The smileage is significantly more!
I live in NYC, I was using 'D' mode and getting about 40-45mpg. There is way too much stop-and-go traffic here.

I tried 'S' mode and it dropped to just below 40mpg (5 tankfuls to test).

Maybe I was riding harder in 'S' mode, but I was surprised by the difference,

BTW, milage in the upper 60's on local highways in 'D' mode.

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It's a 24 inch madstad. I have it angled as far back as the top will go. It works way better than when I had it at less of an angle . I can see over the top well and I'm only 5 10 . Unfortunately it picks up too much of the headlights at night and makes it hard to see through the windshield. I also have a 22 and a 20, so I may try swapping those out before messing around with the angle.
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