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Neat project, I was just looking at building something similar with accelerometers, gps, forward cam for full recording etc.
Raspberry Pi's offer a great starting platform for these projects and are very low power
I started looking under the fairing of non-N models and there are many good hook places to install the enclosure as well as bring wired display capacity if needed (tiny OLED's by the main console)
Running a WiFi Web Interface to a smartphone/tablet is a great idea for detailed display

Time, Time, Time - spend it all riding or creating stuff for the ride ;-)

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I decided I needed a permanent display. So, I installed this:

It's a 16chr x 2 display driven from the RPi using a USB serial port. I mounted one of those balljoints on the back so I could alter the angle as needed. It updates every 2 secs. The info shown is,
Top Row:
Gear, Engine temp, km/litre instantaneous, Litres left in tank

2nd Row:
% of time until next chain oil, km/litre average, km left in tank.

The box is bigger than I would have liked, but it was available... I didn't bother fitting an internal lamp for night work, as I don't ride much at night.


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Hi Gonzo,

Awesome project!
I try to find a way to contact with you,
I made similar like you,
I converted my Suzuki Satria 150 carb to become injection using Honda CBR 150 ECU, connected to Arduino Nano and HC-05 to display some data in my phone via bluetooth, it works already, good data only if power on, but if engine running some data not good,

Currently I trying to convert Nano using Raspi Pico W, but because Pico W not yet available in my country so start with normal Pico.

There is several questions that I want to ask:
1. 560R and 360R is a voltage divider right?
360/560*5V, I am mech engineering, I know some coding, but not good in electro, for that Nano I do trial and error, with opto PC817 got 1k at Kline, 330R at TX and 100R at RX, but don't know what causing it, maybe the logic voltage level requirement?
2. Could you share how you calculate the resistor at Kline side and Serial side cause I need new value for the pico,
3. Could you share the python code, especially between HondaECU and RPi

Thanks before,
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