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I agree on the naked vs. faired.
DCT is rock solid and is a manual transmission with computer controlled clutches. Same system used on Goldwing. I won't ever go back. Only 15-20 lb weight penalty.
Hard to find a manual with ABS. Another feature that has proved itself to me multiple times.

One of the downsides of CTX700 ownership is the dearth of aftermarket support. Good part is that you don't need a lot of aftermarket support.

Do yourself a favor a test ride a DCT model before you make a purchase.

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My husband loved, loved, loved that Vaquero. That motor would run 80 MPH all day long without missing a beat. It had a NICE range of equipment, and frankly cost a fraction of what a comparable Harley Roadglide would cost. Tremendous bang for the buck. It nearly broke his heart when he had to let it go because it simply got too heavy for him to handle as he grew older.

Personally I think that the cruiser market in the U.S. is stagnant and the Big 4 Japanese manufacturers are not making enough $$ from it to innovate.

Example: Suzuki has cut its line of cruisers down dramatically in the last 10 years. One of its last remaining cruiser offerings in the Boulevard C50, which it has not changed except for paint jobs since 2006.
I have no doubt the Vaquero and Voyager are the best values of large cruisers on the market, less than 20k, voyager, in a sea of 30k plus bikes. Such a shame you husband had to abandon his other love. I hope he found something less weight to satisfy that hunger to get out and cruise.

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I wouldn't want anything but a DCT. I have a faired 2016 DCT, commute to work on it. I've looked around, (to upgrade) but it can't be found. This bike is just perfect for me. 66mpg, nimble but firm ride. I do about 14 miles a day on I4. It does great at 75mph. If you don't want to focus on changing gears, I highly recommend a Honda DCT

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additional difficulty to access items covered by the fairing
Yes, that is a definite con. I dread replacing the air filter and checking the valves.

I'm not so sure I like the idea of having additional components on a bike, especially ones I'm unfamiliar with, that could fail vs the standard transmission.
Many have said the DCT transmission is rock solid - until it isn't. I've had only one (resolvable) problem with the DCT transmission in the 21,000+ miles since I owned it. So far, so good.

Other cons you will hear about any model of the CTX is the stock seat and shock. Members have replaced these to provide a more comfortable ride.

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Hey, Willie!!!
I am 67 year old and have ridden since I turned 16. I put 63,000 miles on a Kawasaki Nomad bagger. But that thing, like all those huge bikes, is so hard to move around, and it takes forever to respond when steering.
I got my first faired CTX700 in 2017 and just loved it. When I totaled it I replaced it with a Blue 2015 Fiared, manual shift. I have heard a few people have some DCT issues, but never with a manual. And since my hands are still working, the manual is the transmission for me. It shifts so effortlessly, and It just goes and goes. I get about 63 miles to the gallon, and use it for commuting. My wife rides two up with me.
I just love the faired model. The fairing does not get in the way of anything. i have added the taller windshield (by Puig).
I have also added the centerstand, T=Rex Racing front and rear crash guards and engine guards. I have also added aftermarket bags and a top box and tons of lights to the rear.
This bike is all I will ever need in a bike. And, eventhough it thinks it is a larger bike, it handles like a small, quick sport bike with the classic Harley style seating position.
I did also add the Seth Lamm seat. I love it and so does my wife. Once you get a CTX700 you will have hours and hours pouring over various accessories and add ons. That truly is one of the Great treats of this bike.
But don't hesitate. Find one and get it. They are getting harder and harder to find.
Good Luck.
Ross and Angela

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Welcome TN Willie;. Welcome to the forum and i am sure you will like the bike.

I have an N version and, in Canada, they all come with ABS. I added a Madstad windscreen and lowers which makes a big difference (check some of the related threads from some of our more technical minded members for specific details), both for wind and for noise.

People with far more skill than I, like tgall and RedBArronRider, can really move this bike on twisties. I enjoy the versatility and had no difficulties with original seat and pegs on long highway rides, although I have since added floorboards (different ride, but a pain for some shifting in the city, but haven't bothered to switch back...), a throttle lock (brakeaway) works well on long flat sections of road, but with a large range of temperatures (-10 to 35 C) adjustments can be needed.

glad to have you on board and be sure to keep us updated on your acquisition(s).
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