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There should be no issues with the manual. I have a 2014 manual also and it runs like a champ. Here is what I did after picking up a 2014 with less than 2,000 miles:

1) siphon out all gas and replace with fresh non-ethanol fuel - later ran some Techron through the tank
2) Replace brake fluid
3) Replace coolant - cap is a pain to get off on the faired models and remember that there is a set screw on the cap that will need to be backed out
4) Replace oil and filter - Considered, but did not drop the oil pan to see if there was any sludge
5) Replace tires as the OEM tires were from 2013
6) Oil and adjust the chain
7) Go ride

The above is no more than a couple of hours of work.

Common modifications:
Seats (beadrider in my case, corbin/laam/airhawk for others)
Luggage (shad/givi)
Exhaust (custom/various short pipes)
Floorboards (must have in my opinion)
Electrical (headlight upgrade, aux lights, USB, horns)
Windshield (I put in a Givi, but still had to add a deflector)
Centerstand ( most use one from Japan or T-Rex)

There are a lot of articles on the board regarding the above farkles
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