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They were...and they weren't. It was praised, but in subtle ways you could see it missed the mark in some ways. Here's some examples...

"The CTX blends some of the finer attributes of both cruiser and sport motorcycle genres while infusing new technologies, creating the ideal two-wheeled platform for those who have ever dreamt of swinging a leg over a motorbike. "
In other words, this is a bike that is for those who haven't ridden before and only thought about it.

"The forward position of the footpegs is also very cruiser-ish and while we appreciated the leg room it hindered ground clearance in steeper turns."
This would be a deal breaker for me. I like taking corners hard and fast. Take a look at this screen capture from the video and see how close he is to scraping the peg on just a gentle sweeper.

It is typical for many cruisers, but not something I'd look for in a bike.

"...for those that have always lusted over the idea of riding but have up until now been tentative to fulfill their fantasy"

Coming from the maxi-scooter world, I'm used to the digs of owning a "scooter". I'm used to having a bike that has only 400cc and about 34 hp...instead of a car engine on two wheels. I'm used to having a step-through frame, instead of swinging my leg over the seat like a "real" motorcycle...so I'm willing to read beyond the reviewer's comments and see if the "negatives" really are negative. Sometimes they are, and sometimes they aren't really negatives.

Where do you fit? Are you man enough to look at the bike for what it does, without getting caught up in how you need a bike capable of popping a wheelie at 140 mph to be a real man? ;)

The temptation is to be so in love (lust is a better term for it really :rolleyes: )...that you don't look at the bike for what it is, but for what you want it to be.



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