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In the past I've seen posts and recommendations for rear wire harness modifications to make it easier to add lights etc. I am posting pictures of the modification I just made which makes my life much easier when it comes to making changes.

I purchased both the male and female connectors with associated other hardware to create an inline bridge so I wouldn't have to modify the stock wiring and I could easily return it to stock if I chose to.

The lever wire connectors (see pics) allow me to add or change the connections without having to splice or cut wires. Each wire (left turn, right turn, tail light, brake light, ground) goes into a connector then uses a lever to clamp down on the wire. The connectors come in the form of 1in-1out, 1in-2out, 1in-3out etc. I used 4" lengths of wires which seems to be an ideal for this application and wrote in black Sharpie on white shrink wrap to label each wire.

Right now I'm using 1in-1out for for the turn signals and 1in-2out for the tail light, brake light and ground. If I chose to add another light to one of the feeds, I can easily swap the connector for a 1in-3out. I have a Givi top case with a light and I'm going back and forth between wiring into the tail light (always on) or the brake light. Using this system, I simply lift the lever to release the wire from one connector and move it to the other.

The one downside to this is it's technically not waterproof. I could use shrink wrap to cover everything, but then I lose the ability to easily make modifications without cutting open the shrink wrap. Fortunately here in California we don't get rain from about April to October - literally, no rain. And I generally don't ride in the rain anyway. But if anyone has suggestions on how to make this waterproof I'm all ears.

I'm pretty please with how it turned out and how neatly if fits into the space.


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