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I have made a how to guide/tutorial video on my Shad SH36, luggage Rack and Backrest and Inner Support Kit. There are three parts in this series.

Part 1: Overview Inner Support Kit, Backrest and Rack and SHAD SH36 on a Honda CTX700N
Part 1 of my install of Honda Inner support kit, luggage rack and backrest, and Shad SH36 side panniers. This video is an overview where I explain what you need to get to do this install done.

Part 2: Install Honda Inner Support Kit CTX700N
Part 2 I go ahead and install the inner support kit to my Honda CTX700N. I also install the lower brackets for the Shad SH36 Side Panniers / 3 point harness.

Part 3: Install Luggage Rack and SHAD SH36 Panniers
In this part I install the Luggage Rack and Back Rest together with the 3P mounting brackets for my Shad SH36 side panniers.
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