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Often laziness and convenience are the mothers of invention. When needing to open or close my garage door, I either had to get my phone and use the garage door opener app, which I couldn't do with gloves, or park my bike and use the outside keypad, which wasn't particularly convenient because my driveway slopes.

I'd done this mod to several maxi scooters I rode and wanted to add this to my CTX. It was easy on the scooters because of little storage areas I could stash the remote in and drill a hole for a button, but it required a different setup on the Honda.

I ordered a universal garage remote that would pair with my door opener.

and a momentary contact switch with a handlebar mount, both from Amazon.

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Here's what to do:

1) Program the remote so it pairs with the door opener following the instructions that come with it.

2) Take the remote apart and remove the circuit board.
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3) Notice where the button you normally press makes contact on the circuit board. In my case it was a small button on the left. It is soldered onto the board at 4 points. Take a small wire and touch it to 2 points at a time until it activates the remote.
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4) Now the technical part. Solder some long wires to the 2 points that activate the opener. A friend of mine is better than I am at soldering plus had an iron with a small tip so as not to damage to button connections to the board.
(Sorry for the blurry picture)
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5) Next, using your favorite secure and waterproof method, attach the wires from the remote to the wires on the button, or connect some longer wires in between the two pairs to make a long enough run. It doesn't matter which color wires you connect together, as all you are doing is completing the circuit when you press the button. You may have to complete this step after getting the button and the remote in their final spots or be willing to cut the wires and reattach if you decide to move things around.

6) Location, location, location! Put the button on the handlebars where it's convenient to reach while riding and find a place for the remote. I haven't got the two in their final places yet. The button is on my left handlebar where I can reach it easily.

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I plan on putting the remote in the frunk so it's completely protected. This will mean removing some plastic and running the wires out and up to the button. I haven't tackled that yet, and in the interests of time and testing everything, I just put the remote in a ziplock bag and zip-tied it to some wires under the speaker cowl to hold it in place for now.
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I'm very happy with how things turned out. I can open the door far enough away from my house that the door is fully raised by the time I'm ready to pull into the garage. And the button is easy to push with gloves on.

Hope you find this useful.


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