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I've seen a lot of people recommending Corbin seat, but not much else about details or warranty. So I thought I would post information I have gained after calling Corbin up. Might help others as well.

For base level seat, 3 week turn around.
Base level includes any custom materials like different colored leathers, piping, and etc

For non-base level, 4-6 week turn around.
This includes height adjustments on the seat. they can actually go +1".
The recommend that if you need a height adjustment, you actually do a 1/2". Reason for that is warranty (explained a bit below)

1 year.
What this includes is warranty from defect, workmanship, and height adjustment (up to 1/2" for free). If you need anything higher than a 1/2" adjustment, they will charge you for a reupholstering.
Comfort - if you find out during that year, your not happy with the comfort level (they do come FIRM), that you can send it into them to make softer or firmer. Comfort is their #1 selling point.

Online and over the phone.
If you have anything custom (beyond materials) they suggest phone. Otherwise, the website will give you details on what the final product would look like.

Break-in period.
They state that the break-in period for the seat is about 1,400 miles.

Calling in
You actually get a human right off the bat. When transferred over to sales, was on hold for about 45 seconds, and got another human. At least for me, in today's world, that is refreshing!

Hope this might help someone in the future. I'll be ordering one, in about 2 weeks, just need to verify I have available funds.

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