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Cleaning the bike

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Has anyone used the Honda Cleaner to clean your bike? If so, does it work pretty good?
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Kristenparks - do you use the cleaner on the whole bike (except windscreen)
I am still waiting for somebody to try the Pledge and let me know what they think.....:)
I have on everything but the seat. Wasn't sure if it would make it slippery. Works great on the windshield and face visor. The shop I bought it at said I could use it on everything!
I have been using the Honda Spray Cleaner and Polish for the various bikes I have owned since 2006.
As someone said....it is awesome.
Works great on everything.
I've been using S-100 for several years on a variety of past bikes, and it has worked great on my CTX. It's a spray on, rinse off product, and I rarely have to use any brushes to clean the wheels. Just some clean rags to dry off the bike.
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