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Chain and sprockets

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26,000 mile sprocket change with new DID VX2 gold chain. Wear was not bad, just a part of good routine maintenance.


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how many miles with auto oiler before replacement of chain or adjustment needed
I put an oiler on at ~700 miles. I'm at 17,000 now and have adjusted the chain exactly once. I will probably get 35K out of this chain.

I do run it slightly wet; the tech guys at Pro Oiler (what I have) recommended a 20-3 setting. I run a 20-4 setting, meaning about 4-5% more oil than they figured for my region (Ventura County, CA). Yes, it gets a bit more grimey down there, but the chain is in great shape for 17K of HARD miles (lots of twisties, lots of 8% to 10% grades, and 350 pounds of rider and gear).
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