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So, after only 15 months I finally got back to my CTX to fix it. Here is the thread from the first go at finding out the problem.

Electrical DCT problem

Now that it is fixed, the answer to why the bike electronics started to run when I connected the battery cable is:
I was hooking up the battery cables to the wrong terminals. Oops!

Due to back and other issues I have to take a bunch of opioids just the get out of bed in the morning so that is my Go To excuse when I do something dumb.

15 months ago I used a multimeter to check all the fuses in the main fuse box. All were good. Well, it turns out there is another 30 amp fuse INSIDE the starter relay. The only way to see the fuse is to disconnect the control cable (pulls straight up) and there it is. Kudos to Honda for making the bike so that when the battery is hooked up backwards the only thing “damaged” is the 30 amp fuse and not the $800 ECU.

I was teaching a high school student as I was doing this and when I found out it was easy to fix I pointed out that if you wanted to check your motorcycle mechanic to see if they are honest – take out the 30 amp breaker, touch it to wires to each battery terminal so it blows, then trailer your bike down and tell them you hooked up the battery backwards and now nothing works. If they say you blew a 30 amp fuse so it’s a cheap fix you have hit the mechanic lottery. If they say you blew the ECU and it will be $800 for the ECU and $300 to install, now you know you need a different mechanic.

BTW – Yes, I did take some red electrical tape and wrapped the positive cable and yes, that is a mouse poison trap zip tied under the seat. I live on a farm and have a substantial rodent problem.

Hope this helps someone out there. Have a nice day.

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