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What 360 cam do you use? And what mount?
I use a couple Insta360 cameras: a One R and an X2. I generally mount the camera on a selfie stick with a 1" Ram ball mount on the mirror stalk. Sometimes I will use a claw mount to attach it to the hand grips on the rear of the bike. If I just want a quick shot from the side, I'll sit on the selfie stick with it out to the side of the bike. When you first try it on the bike and you see movement in the camera, it is hard to imagine that the stabilization will handle that... but, you can see the results. On rare occasions I will extend the selfie stick, but it doesn't seem secure - usually just the camera on the stick, not extended.

Back when I used GoPro cameras, it seemed I was always fussing with the mounting to keep the camera level - no concern with that with the 360 cameras. With horizon lock, you don't have to be concerned if the camera isn't level. On occasion, when riding at a brisk pace through the corners, I have to add a bit of rotation. No need to do that if using the One R with the 4K lens - it leans when you lean... but, you can't change the view like you can with the 360 module on that camera.

Hope that helps.

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