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Thanks guys, I did obtain the part numbers for most of the silver parts. I'm pretty sure they might be still available. I'll do It piece by piece until my bike Is transformed Into a digital silver metallic CTX. That's what the paint color Is called, correct? This will probably be my last one so I am just going to make It the way I want It. Putting on the Givi V56NT Top-Case which will complete the transformation.
If you want an N model you should consider riding what you got till what you want comes along for sale. I’m guessing it would be close to $2000.00 in panels and underlying metal frame bracketry needed to attach them properly. Color Rite has the 2015 color code as NHA30M Digital Silver Metallic. Attached are some pic’s of a naked faring model.
ColorRite Motorcycle Paint
Lets see the stripped down CTX's
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