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TheMagster's bike and she has now hit every state except Alaska. I have done a lot routine maintenance over the years but this was the first time everything seemed to be needed at once. New Air Filter, Chain, Sprockets, Tires, Valve Adjustment, Spark Plugs.
Bike still runs like new and looks really good for a bike with this many miles. Says a lot for this motor and frame. She wants to hit 200K miles and I see no reason why this bike wouldn't make it. Florida to Alaska, here we come! Fortunately, I purchased a used CTX700 with only 4200 miles on her as a backup. She can ride that while I work on this one.
I sold a beautiful Ural Retro I had since 2003 and bought a new Black Widow lift.This has made my work a lot easier these days since I am now 70 yrs young. Highly recommend getting a lift if you do your own work like me.
Posting a few pictures of just how dirty things can get after this many miles. Oh, this was my Ural also.
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