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  1. Electrical
    In the past I've seen posts and recommendations for rear wire harness modifications to make it easier to add lights etc. I am posting pictures of the modification I just made which makes my life much easier when it comes to making changes. I purchased both the male and female connectors with...
  2. Electrical
    As some of you may know, I can be somewhat naive to mechanical and electrical problems. Luckily I have a young, fresh mind to wrap around the ideas and gists of these problems. Anyway (essentially?), I'm wanting to put some led strips around the motorcycle headlight to add some glamour to it...
  3. Electrical
    I am adding the addmore light kit to my Givi V46 top box. I have installed the LEDs in the box just fine no problem. I am seeing conflicting information as to where to wire it in to the brake and turn signals. Do I just need to remove the left colored back panel and access there or do I need to...
1-3 of 3 Results