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  1. CTX700 General Discussion Forum
    Has anyone ever changed the instrument panel/cluster on their bike? I posted a long time ago about my RPMs exceeding what it normally does when riding and the dealer said to replace the instrument panel to fix this issue. As you may imagine, the OEM panel costs about $300 and labor is about...
  2. CTX700 General Discussion Forum
    What's up party people, I haven't posted in a while, my last one being having issues with the bike (2014 DCT Fairing model) revving high and maxing out RPMs at 80mph. Honda mechanic close to me stated I needed a new instrument cluster but would have been some $300 new plus labor. I tried doing...
  3. Engine and Powertrain Discussion
    Hey Everyone, so this is actually my first post. I have a 2014 DCT. I just put some OEM saddlebags on it and am considering a few other add-ons like speakers and 12V socket. So I've noticed on the highway when I'm cruising at 65mph+ the RPMs are almost red-lining and and 6 & 7 on the tachometer...
1-3 of 3 Results