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  1. Update From Changing Rear Wheel: Got her up and running finally!

    Honda CTX700 Pictures
    Man, what an ordeal this was! As some of you may remember, i had posted a discussion/question on how to change the rear wheel tire as well as unmounting/mounting: First time: Wanting to change rear tire...oh boy. I took out the exhaust to get a clearer work space as well as enableing my rear...
  2. Hello, first post/new rider. Purchasing paddock rear stand, how to use?

    Technical Discussion
    Im wanting to buy this stand from harbor freight Low Profile Rear Spool Motorcycle Stand Or this one https://www.harborfreight.com/motorcycle-swingarm-rear-stand-65620.html though I’m not sure how to about with thiS (needing to change rear tire). Do I need extra equipment to use this stand? Or...