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  1. Honda CTX700 Pictures
    Here is a walk around my lighting project Sorry for the mess, literally just finished. ____ My wiring is a little messy but it works lmao. Figured out (with vigorous research how to wire relays and install a separate accessory fuse box. I even learned how to solder the wires to the neon...
  2. Appearance
    I love lighting accents on motorcycles. Whether it be on the helmet and even gear, I find it really cool. I’d love to get some ideas too from these pictures. I’m planning to run some neon light tubes from the side of the seat, over the base of the windshield and then back to the other side of...
  3. Electrical
    As some of you may know, I can be somewhat naive to mechanical and electrical problems. Luckily I have a young, fresh mind to wrap around the ideas and gists of these problems. Anyway (essentially?), I'm wanting to put some led strips around the motorcycle headlight to add some glamour to it...
1-3 of 3 Results