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  1. Electrical
    I've read through loads of posts and do not seem to find an answer - so posting my own 'post'. I have a 14 CTX N 700 - I've replaced the highlight bulb with a couple different LED bulbs but each time end up with the same problem. Something about the bulb design seems to make my 'high' beam not...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Well, I finally get to join the club! Got a 2015 CTX700N with the DCT, 3800 miles on it last week, for my upcoming 55th birthday. Coming back to riding after being gone for a year or…30! Loving it so far. Took the MS course in 2018 so I’m a bit rusty but it all came back. It’s been...
  3. Technical Discussion
    I finally remembered to get new battery tender plugs for my bikes so I can connect the battery tender without using the clamps while it's in the garage. I can just coil them up in the battery compartment under the seat, but then I would have to take off the seat to plug them in. Is there a...
  4. CTX700 General Discussion Forum
    The Honda Sports website seems to be out of the red saddlebags for the 2018 CTX700N DCT. Does anyone know an alternative site to purchase them?
  5. CTX700 General Discussion Forum
    Hello Forum members, Hope you, your family & friends are safe and healthy in these tough times. I live in Washington state and I am planning to buy Honda CTX 700 as a starter. I like the faring model more, but I am getting new 2016 CTX700 Naked Manual Transmission (non-DCT) for $4700(Out of...
  6. CTX700 General Discussion Forum
    Hey group, I made a video doing the adjusting and believe or not I kind of like it. Check out the video and let me know if you have suggestions or questions. Thank you
  7. Honda CTX700 Pictures
    Looking Good Covid-19 cant damage my bike.
1-7 of 7 Results