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Pearl Fadeless White
Manual Shift - Touring
Researched and finalized that I wanted this bike on 8/26/13. Found bike and went to take a look on 8/27/13. Put first down payment on 11/26/13. Paid in full and brought home new on 1/16/14. She was bought and highly modified for long trips and to my liking. Went down once on 8/15/15 in Memphis, TN do to bad road maintenance. Repaired and still touring...

CTX700 of the Month Winner September 2014

CTX700 of the Month Winner January 2015

CTX700 of the Month Winner September 2016

Sold Sally on 6/3/19
2014 Honda CTX700 (Pearl Fadeless White)


Rerouted fuel tank overflow and vent lines with the addition of a filter.
Port and polished the intake with velocity stacks.
90 degree intake elbow, pod filter and breather.
Removed the muffler, shortened and slash cut header pipe, removed the catalytic converter and installed a 9" glasspack in the catalytic converters place.
Reupholstered stock seat with an integrated hand tailored backrest in a unique white & black vinyl with french stitching.
Progrip 724 Hand Grips
Cup Holder
Cubby Hole 12 Volt Switched Power Source
Palm Cruise
Lever guards & handle bar muffs for cold weather only.
Secondary Saddle - Reupholstered stock seat with white leather vinyl and black french stitch. With optional extra long range rear seat platform with dual 2.5 gallon fuel tanks and integrated driver backrest with 25oz Emergency fuel bottle.
Reflectors Removed
24" Cee Bailey's Winshield Light Gray
OEM Saddlebags & Panels
Stainless Hardware Conversion
Peg Winglets
Clear Tailight
Clear/Light Tinted Signals
Clear Incandescent Bulbs in all signals
Corner Running Lights Deleted
4" Extended Backrest
Luggage Rack
Trimmed Rear Fender
Extended Kickstand, Larger Foot & Safety Switch Delete.
LED White Fairing Lights
LED White Accessory Headlights
4 Gauge Power Wires
Garmin Drive 61
USB charge under the seat
16 mm spacers in the front forks.
Coilover set at tightest setting.
121.7 mm links.
Wheel and Tire
Stock Front Wheel
Front Tire - Continental Conti Motion 120/70/17
Stock Rear Wheel
Rear Tire - Continental Conti Motion 160/60/17
Welded on 10mm spool attachments
10X60mm shoulder bolts used as spools
Front Sprocket - 16
Rear Sprocket - 43
EK520SRO6 Gold o-ring chain with 114 links
"Rebel" onboard chain oiler
Stock Brakes
Fling guard added to chain guard.



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