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Plum Crazy Purple
This is a 1982 Honda CM450C that i bought for 250 bucks. It had not been started in 20 years. It still had the 1982 inspection sticker.
My son-in-law returned from Afghanistan after a tour of duty. He was doing all right until his daughter was born. Then he went into a huge depression over what he had done there. It was difficult for him to reconcile taking life and now giving life.
So we wrenched on this thing for two years. He sat on one side wrenching and i sat on the other.
In the two years he was able to puke his guts and really purge all that had happened there. He still remembers everything, but he has a handle on it. He does not drink. He is very responsible. And just last week My daughter gave birth to his and her's second daughter. they have a 7 year old and a newborn.
This bike is just beautiful.
And it has a lot of great therapy built in.
1982 Honda CM450C (Plum Crazy Purple)


Stock Honda Comstars, but I put Pirelli Sport Demons on them.
Great sticky tire for this kind of bike.
Standard powertrain.
we rebuilt the carbs and added MAC 2 into one exhaust.
we added LED turn signals and brake light. We hammered out a piece of aluminum for the inner rear fender, brake light and licenase plate holder.
We reworked the seat. New cafe handlebars. New paint and a few other goodies

just for fun i had a buddy do the Honda Motorcycle wing emblems for the tank, but instead of HM for Honda Motorcycles, I had him cut in KM for my daughter's initials. The emblems are stainless steel
got new rear shocks from Dime City Cycles in Clearwater, FL. Great guys. I stopped in to see them when i was in Tampa for buxiness.
we changed the oil and springs in the front forks and of course put on new fork seals
Wheel and Tire
the speedo died so I put on a cool electronic speedo with tac so I only have one unit behind the fairing



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