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Need Help With Protection From Wind, Rain, & Cold

I will be moving down to the San Francisco/Berkeley area sometime in the next few months, and I want to be well prepared for the initial journey and the subsequent daily commutes to work. Recently I was caught in some VERY unexpected snow/ice (almost unheard of in my area) in a short section of my regular route home from work, and it was the most miserable time I have ever had on 2 wheels. The condensation from my breath was actually freezing to the inside of my visor, and I wasn't even sure if I could make it all the way home. My 20 mile commute took nearly an hour because the police were forcing traffic down to around 25 MPH, and a couple cars had lost control and slid to the side of the highway. By the time I got home I was shaking uncontrollably and my fingers were starting to turn pale in color. Needless to say I do not want to experience that ever again! I know that the Bay area can get very cold & wet at times, and so I want to be prepared for it with some protection from the rain and wind.

1) I have a set of Honda Heated grips that I will probably have my local shop install while they do the 24,000 mile maintenance for the forks (don't have the tools/experience to do it myself), but I know that those alone will not suffice. I currently wear a set of Alpinestars Overland Drystar Waterproof Gloves for colder weather, and while they protect against the rain they simply dont provide enough protection against the cold. I want to set up my handlebars with a set of handguards that have suitable wind deflectors and/or are compatible with something like the Hippo Hands I have heard about. Any suggestions?

2) With Cee Bailey out of the motorcycle market (RIP in pepperonis) I now have to look elsewhere for a windshield. The melting/burning effect mentioned elsewhere on the forum has scared me away from the Puig windshield, so I find myself debating between the Givi D1133ST and Madstad CTX700D. I like the look of the Givi windshield as well as the much lower price, but the Madstad is more adjustable and can be ordered in various sizes. Does anyone have firsthand experience with either windshield they can share?
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1) Heated clothing or dress in layers. You want moisture repelling underwear, followed by something made of cotton or, preferably, wool and a top layer with wind and rain resistant properties.
2) I have no experience with those windshields but, in my opinion, price equals quality. The old adage that you get what you pay for applies here. Get the best one you can afford.

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Have you considered getting a car? After all, this is a motorcycle. Wind, rain and cold are always part of motorcyling. So, if you want to stop them, then don't do what is sure to happen.

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All good suggestions, and I get that we who've decided our second car will be on two wheels know the weatherman is not perfect. taken the first car leaving the wife stuck at home whenever forecast is bad, but still gone home once in a freak snow and once in a blinding thunderstorm at 15 MPH in a 35 MPH zone. Not what I'd call fun, but with a good jacket and ski style motorcycle gloves, and the chaps with winter liner, it was manageable. You don't want to be battling hypothermia while your mind should be on keeping in the loose stuff for traction.

2 words: shaving cream.
Coat the inside of your shield with the smallest dot of shaving cream and buff it down. Repeat once a month or more. The first few times can take a couple minutes, then it gets easier.
I got a new winter helmet with an "anti-fog" coating the salesman specifically said don't use shaving cream, some types will ruin the coating. First week with nothing was miserable, Coated it as lightly as possible, then the second week was not much better. Rubbed the cream in hard all over, cleaned off and coated normal. Now the fog is greatly reduced.

I'm told pin-lock helmets are even better if you're not cheap like me, but for now I'm happy with what I have.
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I commute into Berkeley and S.F, regularly. Never see the kind of cold you experienced, but it is chilly and damp in the winter. I have a CeeBailey, but either of the screens you mentioned will help, as will the new Madstad Lowers. I don't use heated grips, but I wear glove liners from Freeze out, and I have a set of guards that I got off of Amazon. Both help. Freeze out also makes under jackets and long under pants. This is the time of year that you can get them at a bargain at Cycle Gear. Make sure that your boots are waterproof. S.F., doesn't get a ton of rain, but there are a lot of foggy mornings in the winter, and fog seems to penetrate most regular clothes.

Riding into and out of The City is the reason I started riding after many years of lay-off. I left a client on Potrero Hill one afternoon, and it took 1&1/2 hours to go the 3 miles to the Bay Bridge in my car. That's a regular occurrence in S.F., and with the bike I can do it in 15-20 minutes. Same thing in the East Bay, or down in San Jose. It's 158 miles from San Jose to my home near Sacramento, and that's a 5&1/2 hour drive in a car most afternoons, or 3 hours on the bike. You'll see a lot of other bike commuters in the area. Just watch out for the "organ donors" on sport bikes, splitting lanes at 70mph. You don't have to do that to enjoy the benefits of MC commuting.

All the best,

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Madstad CTX700D being fitted at the factory


If I were to order another one I would ask them to send me what I bought before...
It was an inch on each side wider and two inches taller
Maybe they can look up the # and tell you the specs on it
Under my name Danny W. Burdick (Melbourne Florida)

I went to the factory and had em fit one, then rode it around for a short ride then left
As I was leaving they told me I could always change it size wise and when I went home
the following day I rode a long ride two up and took a beating ...I sent the original back
and they custom cut me the final one and shipped it to me.
Haven't had a problem since and I've rode from Washington DC (down the Blue Ridge Parkway) back to Melbourne Florida on the open highway and through the mountains...

This a test signiture
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@Grburkart: I currently wear a Dainese D-Explorer Gore-Tex suit that keeps my core quite comfortably warm even without heated gear, it's mainly my gloves (and possibly my helmet) that are sucking away my body heat. I might have to look into heated gear.

@Rebel13: Funnily enough, I'm currently working on my Class C license at this very moment. I dont own a car, but I will at least have the ability to drive one. And it's not so much that I want to stop them, but make them more manageable.

@kujawskir: I'll have to try that shaving cream trick! My helmet is due for a replacement soon, and the visor gets fogged up very easily. Might be cheaper than buying a replacement visor.

@Daddy Dave: I've been using a pair of Sidi All-Road boots for the last few years, and as long as I wear thick socks on cold days my feet stay warm and dry. Glove liners sound like a good idea, and they might fill in the slight gap in the fingertips of my current gloves.

I've been through the Bay area once my CTX once before and, while initially terrifying, lane splitting made getting around so much faster. I was also surprised to see that drivers in general were far more attuned to the presence of motorcycles than the ones where I currently live. Those "organ donors" were frankly more terrifying than the 4-wheeled traffic around me. I frequently had to merge back into a lane to let pass a line of riders going much faster than everyone else.

@Danny W. Burdick: Unfortunately I currently live in northern California, if I lived anywhere near Florida I would probably go check out their shop.
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This will take care of your hands 100% Only $12 on Ebay.
Don't use their plastic bar-ends, throw them in the garbage. Drive their screws (longer than OEM) right true your existing bar-ends. Perfect fit. The other end goes under mirror stem. Very good design. It totally protects hands from cold.

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Heated jacket and gloves were the best investment I made.
@danny.i didn't know madstad would widen their screen for an individual user. Interesting. Would they make it a tad taller too? I have their lowers I'm looking forward to putting on.

2015 ctx700 faired dct
my other toys:

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I'm in the East Bay and it gets a little cold, but I'm a self admitted fair weather rider, so I'm in the cage when it rains. As for the cold hands, I have the extremely overpriced barkbuster blizzard on my ctx700n and love them. The price is off-putting though.
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