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Conversation Between Thumper and Devilsfan
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  1. Devilsfan
    03-16-2018 09:20 AM - permalink
    Yep, no more V-strom. And yes, I am on the Versys forum. Going to meet a guy in Eustis this Sunday to go riding. He's like you...retired and rides everywhere!!!
    Just put the CTX on Craigslist last night. I will miss it but having two bikes, as great as it is, can be costly. Plus, I just know I'm not going to give it the attention it needs.
    Then again, if I know myself, once the CTX is gone I will want another. Or maybe another V-strom???
  2. Thumper
    03-16-2018 07:33 AM - permalink
    Probably one of the most torquey motors I've ever ridden! It is missed and maybe one day I can sit on yours with sargent seat to see what the difference is from the modified seat I installed on mine. So, no more Vstrom?
    Did you join the Versys forum?
  3. Devilsfan
    03-15-2018 11:28 PM - permalink
    Yep. Love my new Versys! Lucked out with a guy on the forum selling a Sargent seat. Snatched it up and I rode to Daytona and back with no numb butt!
    Man, when I drop it into 5th and twist that throttle, the Versys moves!!!
  4. Thumper
    03-15-2018 05:05 PM - permalink
    Pretty much why we stopped going to Biketoberfest and Bikeweek after attending since 1995. The loud speakers on these bikes annoy the **** out of me! I thought I was the only one so I feel better now.
    BTW, aren't you riding a Versys now? I had a 2010 Versys that I loved, but sold it (like the NC700) because I couldn't get the seat comfortable for long distance travel.
  5. Thumper
    05-16-2016 08:49 PM - permalink
    I posted up a short sample of the Hells Half Acre ride in the video section. It's better than the video can capture.
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