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Just Curious

I was reading this article, emergency kit and the one thing that slightly caught my eye was that blow outs on tires happen all too often. Really? Yes, I stupidly road on to a road with lots of glass, and picked up a nail another time. Also picked up a nail on my car. So on a long trip one should carry a tire repair kit and I can get that. But blow outs often? Have I been missing some fun???
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"Are motorcycles dangerous? No. Dangerous is getting off the couch on a Sunday and finding out we were sitting there for years."
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Someone posted something. The end.
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Originally Posted by Mhicheil View Post
But blow outs often? Have I been missing some fun???
I don't know, but I doubt it, unless there's major and ignored damage already, but maybe some who've been riding longer will correct me. I've heard several got nails or screws, I got a staple once, all of them were slow leaks. If popping it like a balloon is anti-climactic, and you don't slam hard diagonally into a sharp curb hard enough to bend a rim, or burnout the last bit of rubber when you're down to the threads, then what could cause a blowout?

Originally Posted by Mhicheil View Post
Are motorcycles dangerous? No. Dangerous is getting off the couch on a Sunday and finding out we were sitting there for years.
Love that quote, I might use it.
I woke up and discovered I lost 53 years not knowing what it was like to ride, now riding does not seem dangerous at all to me.
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In the past 10 years of riding, I've probably picked up 3 screws in local commuting. None were catastrophic, all slow leaks. The TPMS on my RT caught the last two fairly quickly. I do carry a patch kit and small 12V compressor though and they haven't failed to get me home yet.
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I'm a old fart, I worked in my father's garage as a kid, we sold a lot of tires. We got a few "blow outs", lots of flats, mostly from nails. They had tubes back then, they had to be removed & patched.
I haven't seen or heard of a blow out in a very long time. I'd say, in 2019 blows outs are few & far between.
If that's something that's always on your mind when you ride, maybe MC riding isn't for you.
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One issue that can come up with some motorcycles and many trailers is that the tire will blow out because it is well past its age limit. Noticed a buddy's tires were pretty sorry looking and checked the date code and discovered they were 13 years old because he didn't ride that bike much. Past 9 or 10 years and you are running a risk of a blowout. Most of us never need to know about date codes because the tires wear out before they get too old, especially on our cars and trucks.

If you don't know what a date code is and how to read it on your tires, learn how.

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Another reason for blowouts is low pressure. I was on my way home from a long distance business trip, in my Highlander, last week and had a blow out. Slow leak had caused low pressure, that the TPMS system didn't show on the dash, and that I didn't feel. It was a rear tire, and I was extremely tired. Anyway, driving on a low tire, and ran over something in the road, and the inner sidewall blew out. If the tire was up to pressure the sidewall wouldn't have been flexed so much, and whatever was in the road wouldn't have cut it. I was able to keep control, and glad that I had just come off of a mountain road, and on flat land, when it happened. Changed the tire, and went on my way. Later, I was really glad that I decided to take the car, instead of the bike, on that trip. I can't imagine being stuck in a place with no cell signal, many miles back in no man's land, and having a blowout on the bike, just a the sun was going down.

But, in response to one of the later posts, blowouts do still occur.
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I see it 1st hand all the times, by friends too. Some of them have been riding all their lives, some just bought a bike recently. Not too much difference between those who really think they have a bike for “freedom,” nice to ride around, and thinking it will take care of itself. No chain maintenance, the newer guys, when I ask them when they checked last their tires, can’t even tell me when.
I personally found the rear tire on my friend’s bike at 11! PSI AND CRACKED ALL THE WAY AROUND BOTH SIDES, when I had it for a month or so at my house. He was oblivious to it and was riding as usual. At 90-100mi highway speeds.

They make fun of me being anal, maintaining my vehicles. Well, I’m not the one driving vehicles looking like sh1t!

You see it all the time... they will look for the cheapest parts, tires included, as if this is not the only thing keeping you up. And as if there are not good choices reasonably priced. But no, let me get the cheapest one I can find, on a 100plus HP bike, to save 20 bucks. And not maintain it on top.

Speaking of tires. The Dunlop GPR300 that come on several KAWAS are freaking great, and can, both front and rear, be had new for around 150-160! So no excuses.
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Blow outs do happen and I don't recommend them. A few years back I was riding one of my other bikes on my favorite curvy road when I came across some sharp, jagged, baseball sized rocks spread across the road (probably fell out of a dump truck) on a curve. Next thing I hear is a loud BOOM when my rear tire instantly let loose after running over one of the sharp rocks. Luckily I wasn't going very fast but it was still all I could do to get the bike stopped without crashing it into some trees. The tires were a premium brand dated earlier that year, replaced earlier that season, with only a few thousand miles on them.
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I've had one flat while riding about a year and a half ago. As the song says Lubbock Texas was in my rearview mirror I was idling along at about 85 just pasted a Ford pu and thought it felt alittle funny and I exited at New Deal and that Ford exited right behind me and I thought oh wow there going to see if I need some help they pull up beside me and asked can I take a picture of your bike. I just had to laugh to myself. The tire had a cut length ways in the tread I didn't even know it was flat until I passed and then when I slowed to about 30mph it started bucking and farting or maybe the last part was me but it got a little hairy.

Dave said it low pressure.
What causes a tire to blow out is the air pressure gets low and the tire starts to overheat which in turn causes the air that's left to over expand thus making use of the weak spot the hole and boom. There's your blow out.😭

I'll show a picture of my Harley and you can see why she wanted a picture. My wife's and my dad are veterans her granddad was in the 101st airborne in WWII and her great granddad was in WWI and we had it painted to show honor to them and to all that have served. I believe when you have something like it it should be shared and in saying so it has had many family members of Veterans on it getting pictures made given them rides as were both balling as they're telling me about their loved one. Without those that served this bike wouldn't be as special as it is. So thank yall for your service and welcome home. I might add that it is very humbling owning her. I pass these cards out all the time to vets, police and 1st responders. The picture of it is the best I can do for all of on here. God bless!


Thank yall again for the blessings of our freedoms we all have and for you and your families sacrifice.
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